Friday, May 28, 2010

Time is all around (part 1)

Sorry things have been so quiet around here lately! It's been kind of a crazy week - job hunting, house hunting, and sadly, a goodbye. Yesterday morning (very early!) we had to say goodbye to Olga, our exchange student, who had lived with us for the whole school year. She was absolutely the sweetest girl, and we all miss her so much already. It feels so strange not having her in the house.

This is just a quick post to share some photos with you for the long weekend! These are actually old-ish - taken last fall - but they could pass for summer, and since I hadn't posted them yet, I thought I'd share. Pictured are Olga, Vera, Rose, and myself. Olga is the blonde, by the way, and Esther will appear in the second half. This is just the first half; I'll post the others at some later point this weekend.

If you like my dress, you'll be able to buy it in the shop soon!

Oh, two other little notes: 1) I have discovered the wonder that is Tumblr, so you can follow mine if you like. 2) If you want to see what I looked like when I was little, head over to the Clothes Horse for her fantastic "Flashback Friday" feature. (hooray for alliteration!) Here's the direct link to the post. Check out my stylin' Little Mermaid sweatshirt!

Without further ado, I'll stop my commentary and let the pictures do the talking. Have a great weekend!


Brandi-Nicole said...

I love these pictures! They are fantastic.
And hopefully you'll be able to stay in touch with Olga :)

Marie said...

i love your dress. happy to have found your blog. that first photo is amazing!

Maria said...

oh, you ladies look wonderful and these photos are fantastic!!

Veren Lee said...

great photos! beautiful...

.a little princess.

Kimberellie said...

Wow these pictures are super amazing cool. And the clothes are awesome. And you ladies are lovely.

I have to go to bed now. But I promise to wake up tomorrow bright and early to take another look at your delightful blog!!!

Ruxandra said...

Amazing photographs and seems like you come from a different time period, which i love:)