Sunday, June 27, 2010

The wind may be beautiful

dress: vintage | shoes: Target | belt: vintage | bow: Charlotte Russe

Once again, I'm sorry for the lack of updates - things have been a little bit crazy here at Owl Eyes HQ! (Okay, I guess we don't really have an HQ, but it lends an air of importance, no?) Between power outages, minor crises, and a lovely trip to Petoskey for a photoshoot, I haven't been able to update. But after being gone for so long, I have a ton of pictures to catch up on - daunting, on one hand, but lots of fun!

I'll write more about the photoshoot when I have all the pictures edited and ready to go, but seriously, it was the most wonderful mini-vacation. We got pictures of many more wedding dresses for Somewhere in Time and I was able to sneak in a few photos for an upcoming mini-lookbook for Owl Eyes Boutique, which is something I've been wanting to do for absolutely ages. I can't wait to share the photos with you all.

These photos are from last Monday. After getting together with Rose and Esther for coffee, Esther headed off to work, and Rose and I went on what we hoped would be an antiquing expedition. Alas, our plans were thwarted. Both of the stores we wanted to go to were closed on Mondays. How random is that?

But, of course, we made the best of it! Though the stores were closed, there were some great photo locations, which we took full advantage of. I'm definitely going to remember this spot for future shoots.

Much to my delight, someone had left a jumbo stick of chalk sitting on the ground. I couldn't help myself...

And that's how we salvaged a failed antiquing expedition!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jigsaw falling into place

dress: Charlotte Russe | cardigan: H&M | leggings and shoes: Target

Whew! Things got a little bit crazy this week. Among other things, I started babysitting for four (darling!) children , and I got a 3-day temp job. The temp job was kind of ridiculous, but in a good way. I was told it was data entry, which it sort of was - but it was so disorganized that we only ended up doing actual work for a small fraction of the time. Yesterday we played the game where you try to fit in as many song titles as possible in normal conversation. (I came in third, ha.) We weren't slacking - there was just nothing to do! Luckily, it was a fun group of people, so the time went quickly. Not a bad gig!

I've also been working hard at organizing and taking pictures of more things for the shop. I've got a ton of items to post. It's a little frustrating because I'd like for the shop to look consistent, but I can't really do that at the moment since I have to keep changing where I take pictures. Oh well. It's really just as well, because - exciting news - I found a place to live! I was really bummed when my previous housing plans fell through, but this new plan is going to work out really well, I think. My friend is buying a house, and I'll be living with her. I haven't seen the inside of the house in person yet, but the pictures look gorgeous, and it's right in the neighborhood I want to be in. So happy! If all goes well, I should be moving in near the end of July or beginning of August. This summer has been up and down, to say the least, so I'm really happy to see things finally working out. (So, until I have a place where I can set up for the shop, it's going to be a little eclectic.)

Oh, and speaking of the shop - I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that this will work out - I'm planning to go up north sometime this week to do a photoshoot for Somewhere in Time, and we're going to do some photos for Owl Eyes, too! My goal is to put together a lookbook. If this little trip works out, it should be fun - I've never been up north in Michigan, really, which is strange considering I've lived here 10 years.

I'll leave you with a few pictures (really, just a few - forgot my memory card at home!) from the chalk art contest held in my town this weekend. It's a new thing, and apparently it was really disorganized this year, but they're planning to make it an annual thing. It's really nice to see the community come together, even if our town isn't the most exciting. This event attracted all kinds of people - kids, adults, artists, and - as you'll see - one hopeful lover! A friend of my family's won first place - the man is ridiculously talented.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Caleb & I were invited to a friend's wedding on July 17th; it is semi-formal, so naturally I jumped at the chance to pretty up and went crazy designing a dress.

My original plan was to go my usual earthy Bohemian route; however, I couldn't find any fabric that was what I pictured in my mind. I only found one fabric I really adored and would have loved, but at $49 a yard, and being in need of three yards, my Dutch heart balked.

Inspiration came when I tried to adapt my dreams to my budget. I found some ivory illusion for $3 a yard, and fell in love. My twelve-year-old self returned full force, with all her wild ballerina obsession, and begged me to make a ballerina style dress. I gave in happily, found some soft storm-grey taffeta for the top and lining, and a beautiful pinkish ribbon for the waist.

Now all that remains is the making. I've been ballerina-obsessed all day, and thought I would share some inspiration with you dears.

This is my favorite ballet dance of all time; it is a piece called "The Dying Swan", first danced by Anna Pavlova (the ballerina in the first picture) but this is my favorite ballerina, Maya Plisetskaya. She was a Russian Jew during the Soviet Era; her father was executed and her mother sent to a Gulag with her seven-month-old brother. She had bright red hair and was apparently very defiant and stubborn, but had a lively charismatic personality. She sounds amazing, doesn't she?


Wednesday, June 9, 2010


When I go to antique stores, of course, I always head straight for the clothes. That is probably no surprise - after all, I collect vintage clothes. I am fascinated by them. I love to put them on. I love to touch them, to examine them, to get little clues as to who once owned and loved them.

But my second love - the spark that fuels my writer's imagination at least as much as the clothes - are the photos. When I discover a drawer full of photographs at an antique store, I am suddenly endowed with more patience than I've ever possessed in my life. I can take hours just sitting on the dusty floor, sifting through the piles and piles of photos and memories interspersed with each other.

It makes me sad that no one wanted these keepsakes anymore. They must have meant so much to someone once.

But as the saying goes, their loss is our gain. There is so much to wonder: how many different lives are represented by these photographs? What memories are attached to them?

It is for that reason that I so adore the photo I posted above. I was first drawn to it because, for some reason, the girls reminded me of Esther and myself. I then noticed and loved their dresses. I would have put it back in the pile, but then I saw that one word: "Remember?"

And I wanted to remember. I wanted to know what it was that they had done that day that was so memorable. Their smiles seem to be holding back a delightful secret, the contents of which I can only guess. I knew I had to buy the photo, and it was mine, for just a quarter. A cheap price for such a treasure.

On my most recent trip, I discovered this gentleman:

I couldn't believe no one else had snapped it up first. It's gorgeous, isn't it? I love his books, his postcards, his toy airplane. I love his mysterious, haughty expression. I feel so honored to be brought into his world, in this small way.

All this talk of photographs got me thinking. I plan to keep all of my parents' and grandparents' photographs; I'm lucky enough to have some very old photo albums, including the album from my grandparents' first few years of marriage. My mom has been talking about getting those photos scanned so we can save them. So I think I'm going to make this a regular feature - old photographs. In some cases, they will be strangers, like these three. In many other cases, though, they will be people very dear to me, many of whom I never got to know.

So, I hope you enjoyed this first installment. I am quite excited about this; the thought of being connected to the past thrills me.

Much love,

(p.s. - Don't forget that the Owl Eyes Boutique is now open!)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


The Owl Eyes Boutique is now OPEN! Click on the banner above to visit our shop!

Don't see an item I posted before that you were interested in? Don't fret! I still have many more listings to add, and I will be doing so this week. I know right now there aren't many listings, but I wanted to post at least some! I wanted to take more pictures today, but the weather was not kind.

Have a lovely evening!

Much love,

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh my little star-sweeper; I'll sweep the stardust for you.

Recipe for a Happy Evening & a Restful Sleep to Follow:

1 episode of I Love Lucy

1 cup of mini chocolate chips

3 handfuls of pretzels

1 glass of wine

1 very soft bamboo blanket

Begin playing episode while melting down cup of chocolate; prepare handfuls of pretzels. Pour wine, set aside. Finish melting chips and place on plate with pretzels. Curl up under blanket after situating wine, chocolate, and pretzels within easy reach. Dip pretzel into chocolate, sip wine, and laugh heartily.

Sleep well, dear ones. Tomorrow is another day, with no mistakes in it.



Guess what's happening tomorrow?

Much love,

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A simple thought to occupy my mind.

A few days ago, I was walking down Diamond, a street that cuts through Eastown. I was returning, alone, from lunch with a good friend. I was conscious of the sketch nature of the neighborhood despite broad daylight, and felt quite vulnerable.

As I walked, two somewhat rough, unshaven men stepped out of a house, lit cigarettes in hand. My immediate instinct was, as it always has been, was to avoid eye contact and rush by like I had somewhere to be and someone to see.

I don't know what struck me, but instead of scurrying past, I kept a steady pace and as I passed, I smiled and said hello. For a moment they looked confused; I am sure they expected my pace to quicken and my eyes to focus dead ahead; however.

They smiled broadly, and replied with a "And how are you? Enjoying the day?"

I said yes; and you?

The rest of the day, I was filled with the silliest sense of joy and love for my fellow humans, though I had done little but defy my own nonsensical prejudices. But the simple thoughts danced through my mind.

I wonder, is the acknowledgment and acceptance of humanity the first step toward curing it? A familiar, non original thought, I am sure. :)

These pictures are from a late afternoon spent romping in a sunny field with Rose and my collie, Kodi. We reveled in loose skirts tied up as dresses, sunshine, and mosquito repellent.

Be blessed,