Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A simple thought to occupy my mind.

A few days ago, I was walking down Diamond, a street that cuts through Eastown. I was returning, alone, from lunch with a good friend. I was conscious of the sketch nature of the neighborhood despite broad daylight, and felt quite vulnerable.

As I walked, two somewhat rough, unshaven men stepped out of a house, lit cigarettes in hand. My immediate instinct was, as it always has been, was to avoid eye contact and rush by like I had somewhere to be and someone to see.

I don't know what struck me, but instead of scurrying past, I kept a steady pace and as I passed, I smiled and said hello. For a moment they looked confused; I am sure they expected my pace to quicken and my eyes to focus dead ahead; however.

They smiled broadly, and replied with a "And how are you? Enjoying the day?"

I said yes; and you?

The rest of the day, I was filled with the silliest sense of joy and love for my fellow humans, though I had done little but defy my own nonsensical prejudices. But the simple thoughts danced through my mind.

I wonder, is the acknowledgment and acceptance of humanity the first step toward curing it? A familiar, non original thought, I am sure. :)

These pictures are from a late afternoon spent romping in a sunny field with Rose and my collie, Kodi. We reveled in loose skirts tied up as dresses, sunshine, and mosquito repellent.

Be blessed,


MarieBayArea said...

love these photos. you ladies look lovely and Kodi is just a peach with the loveliest smile. great story. i love these kinds of touching, meaningful musings on life and humanity.

Liv said...

Lovely photography =) Rose sent me a link to your blog.... It's now on my RSS =)

Can't wait to see more!

vintagewithatwist said...

your photos are so beautiful