Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Une ballerine, voilá!

The final result of my grandmama's spectacular sewing skills, a bit of taffeta & tulle, and a major headache.

Despite actually arming myself with a camera, I forgot to take any pictures at the wedding; Caleb & I seem to have an unconscious opposition to cute photos documenting our lives. So I grabbed dear sweet Rose and had her take some today.

It's been nothing but gorgeous weather over here; wherever you are, I hope the sun is shining.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Silver shoots & tender leaves.

Silent film stars and the soft, feminine look of early 1920's postcards inspired this shoot; the day was perfect, warm and bright. In my humble opinion, Laura owns this look... between her flowy yellow dress and wild red hair, she is porcelain perfection.

And we all mutually lament that we don't live "back then".

I hope the day finds you beautiful.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hope is a blindfold, hope is a solace

Well, in good news: I've been working a temp job for these past few days. It's the same job I was working about two weeks ago; they called this week and wanted us to come back for a week or two. It's good timing, because I really need the money. However, it also comes just as I'm sitting on over 500 pictures I need to sift through and edit from our trip to Petoskey. Yikes! So, things have been kind of slow on that front. Most of the pictures are for Somewhere in Time (for any new readers out there, that is the vintage bridal business my mom is trying to get started - check it out!) but I also have some pictures for Owl Eyes that I simply can't wait to share.

Anyway, I got to work today and was there for only half an hour before they sent us all home because they didn't have any work for us today. I could have used the money, but I'm not complaining! This gives me the chance to catch up a little...

dress & hat: vintage | shoes: ...I honestly don't remember, I've had them for ages!

So, since I have a little bit of time, I thought I'd share a few photos from our Petoskey trip. If you've never been, I highly recommend it! It's touristy, but not in that annoying way. It's picturesque, but again, not cheesily so. There were four of us on the trip - my mom, Esther, my sister Vera, and me. It was about a three hour drive from Grand Rapids, and the drive was ridiculously gorgeous. It rained for a little bit, but as we got further north, the sun broke through and reflected off the rain, and everything came alive. When we arrived, there was mist over the water - like something out of a dream. I feel like I'm doing it a disservice by this cheesy description, but trust me, it was so, so lovely. I'm fairly certain I kept babbling about how beautiful everything was for the entire evening!

After a brief photoshoot of some Owl Eyes dresses and a few wedding dresses, we headed into town to grab a bite to eat (hungry models = not a good thing; we were starting to get grumpy, haha!). We had to drive around for a little while before we finally found the City Park Grill. From the name, I wasn't expecting much, but it was so gorgeous inside - honestly, it was my every decorating dream. Apparently, Ernest Hemingway used to eat there regularly, and was inspired to write his short story "Killers" there. Now, I've always been much more of a Fitzgerald girl, but that gave me chills.

Of course, it wasn't all literary seriousness:

All in all, a perfect evening. I'll have many more photos to share once I get them edited!