Friday, June 18, 2010


Caleb & I were invited to a friend's wedding on July 17th; it is semi-formal, so naturally I jumped at the chance to pretty up and went crazy designing a dress.

My original plan was to go my usual earthy Bohemian route; however, I couldn't find any fabric that was what I pictured in my mind. I only found one fabric I really adored and would have loved, but at $49 a yard, and being in need of three yards, my Dutch heart balked.

Inspiration came when I tried to adapt my dreams to my budget. I found some ivory illusion for $3 a yard, and fell in love. My twelve-year-old self returned full force, with all her wild ballerina obsession, and begged me to make a ballerina style dress. I gave in happily, found some soft storm-grey taffeta for the top and lining, and a beautiful pinkish ribbon for the waist.

Now all that remains is the making. I've been ballerina-obsessed all day, and thought I would share some inspiration with you dears.

This is my favorite ballet dance of all time; it is a piece called "The Dying Swan", first danced by Anna Pavlova (the ballerina in the first picture) but this is my favorite ballerina, Maya Plisetskaya. She was a Russian Jew during the Soviet Era; her father was executed and her mother sent to a Gulag with her seven-month-old brother. She had bright red hair and was apparently very defiant and stubborn, but had a lively charismatic personality. She sounds amazing, doesn't she?


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Anonymous said...

love the sound of your dress, I hope it turns out like you want! Maya Plisetskaya is such a great ballerina, I wish I was that good :)