Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jigsaw falling into place

dress: Charlotte Russe | cardigan: H&M | leggings and shoes: Target

Whew! Things got a little bit crazy this week. Among other things, I started babysitting for four (darling!) children , and I got a 3-day temp job. The temp job was kind of ridiculous, but in a good way. I was told it was data entry, which it sort of was - but it was so disorganized that we only ended up doing actual work for a small fraction of the time. Yesterday we played the game where you try to fit in as many song titles as possible in normal conversation. (I came in third, ha.) We weren't slacking - there was just nothing to do! Luckily, it was a fun group of people, so the time went quickly. Not a bad gig!

I've also been working hard at organizing and taking pictures of more things for the shop. I've got a ton of items to post. It's a little frustrating because I'd like for the shop to look consistent, but I can't really do that at the moment since I have to keep changing where I take pictures. Oh well. It's really just as well, because - exciting news - I found a place to live! I was really bummed when my previous housing plans fell through, but this new plan is going to work out really well, I think. My friend is buying a house, and I'll be living with her. I haven't seen the inside of the house in person yet, but the pictures look gorgeous, and it's right in the neighborhood I want to be in. So happy! If all goes well, I should be moving in near the end of July or beginning of August. This summer has been up and down, to say the least, so I'm really happy to see things finally working out. (So, until I have a place where I can set up for the shop, it's going to be a little eclectic.)

Oh, and speaking of the shop - I'm hoping, hoping, hoping that this will work out - I'm planning to go up north sometime this week to do a photoshoot for Somewhere in Time, and we're going to do some photos for Owl Eyes, too! My goal is to put together a lookbook. If this little trip works out, it should be fun - I've never been up north in Michigan, really, which is strange considering I've lived here 10 years.

I'll leave you with a few pictures (really, just a few - forgot my memory card at home!) from the chalk art contest held in my town this weekend. It's a new thing, and apparently it was really disorganized this year, but they're planning to make it an annual thing. It's really nice to see the community come together, even if our town isn't the most exciting. This event attracted all kinds of people - kids, adults, artists, and - as you'll see - one hopeful lover! A friend of my family's won first place - the man is ridiculously talented.


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Chalk art! how fun.

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