Saturday, April 3, 2010

Black & white

dress: ModCloth | tights: Forever 21 | shoes & bow: Charlotte Russe

Just a quick post to introduce you to someone very dear to me! This is Lucy, my puppy. Well, I guess she's technically full-grown - she's 3 - but I think she'll always be a puppy to me. She's the funniest little creature. Like most small dogs, she has a complex, and thinks she's much bigger than she is. But she also snorts like a pig. She can seriously snore as loud as a full-grown man. It's pretty hilarious.

I had fun romping around with her for a few minutes this afternoon. The weather has been absolutely divine - in the mid-80's, in Michigan, in April. I can't believe it! I hope you all are having equally lovely weather. The week of Easter (which is actually called Pascha in my tradition) is my favorite week out of the whole year, so I'm pretty psyched that it's so gorgeous outside.

We've both had a case of spring fever, in case you couldn't tell!


Aimee said...

So gorgeous. I wish Lucy could meet my new pup Bushi! i think they'd be great together, at least for a couple of dates...
Maybe when he's a bit older ;)


Tieka, Selective Potential said...

I am LOVING our weather!! This outfit is darling. I love those tights!

Emily said...

Your outfit is too cute, and your puppy is a doll too. My dog is 4 and I still call him a puppy so I can relate ;). Glad you had nice weather.