Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cold, cold water

dress: vintage, gift | socks: the Icing | glasses: stolen from Esther | headband: Forever 21 | shoes: Charlotte Russe

As you can see, I've made a few changes to the layout! I was up far too late doing them (somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 am, actually) but I'm really pleased with how they turned out. The picture used in the new header is from an advertisement from 1917. Why aren't ads pretty like that anymore? I look at ads like that and some of the illustrations done by Alphonse Mucha (my favorite artist!), and then I open up the advertising section of the Sunday paper, and it just makes me sad.

My sister Vera took these pictures yesterday. It was very deceptive outside - the sun was shining and everything was gorgeous, but it was absolutely freezing! But we're getting towards the middle of April...even in Michigan, it can't be cold for too much longer. Our neighbors across the street have the most gorgeous magnolia tree, and it's just about to start exploding into bursts of pink blossoms. I can't wait!

Aren't those glasses great? I stole them from Esther. I couldn't resist.

Our water heater decided that today would be a good day to call it quits, so we were without hot water for a while. I was annoyed at first, I'll admit - but then I just had to laugh. We actually boiled a couple pots of water so that I could take a bath...which ended up being about one inch deep. I couldn't stop laughing. But really, it made me really appreciate having hot, running water whenever I feel like it.

I'm at the point in the semester where I should be going absolutely insane with all of the work I have to get done - but for some reason, I'm not too worried about it. This always happens. I feel like I should be freaking out (and I'm sure that will happen later, eventually) but I feel great! Life is too short to worry too much about things like that. Everything always gets done in the end, so I won't waste time panicking. This summer, I think, will be a great one. I still have lots of uncertainty - decisions to make and whatnot - but I'm okay with that!

Thanks for all your comments on my tights! They're from Modcloth (got them for $5 during one of their big sales!) and I absolutely love them. It's so funny whenever I wear them to watch people's eyes travel right down to my knees.

Yikes, sorry this post has been kind of all over the place. Have a lovely weekend!


OooKellyNicky said...

Love the handband. Your images are so crisp and clear! I like.

Kallie said...

That blue headband leaves me speechless. These photographs are beautiful.

Leproust Vintage said...

Ohh these pictures are so, so pretty! There is something very Alice in Wonderland about them!

kasey said...

i stumbled upon your blog while browsing. i love your photos, they are so clear and beautiful. i also agree with the above comment, it is ver alice in wonderland-y.

Anonymous said...

J'adore l'esprit marin de cette robe ! Super ^^