Monday, March 8, 2010

Happiness is _______________.

I've been a wickedly unfaithful blogette; I do apologize profusely. I shall make a serious effort to be better.

I recently bid my wisdom teeth ADIEU and was thus crowned the chipmunk queen.

Que bonita. No.

However, the remarkably beauteous weather we have had lately has more than made up for it. This morning I drove with the windows down, ate lunch on the sunny deck, and went for a barefoot walk. Summer, I can hear your song.

Recently I watched "Shall We Dance", an Astaire/Rogers film, and immediately fell in love with that dashing pair all over again. Ginger Rogers, you are a thing of beauty. Women of the world, aspire.


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Tonichelle said...

ugh, wisdom teeth. just went through that myself a couple months ago. yikes on the cheeks! mine weren't quite that swollen, but that didn't seem to lessen the pain!

hope you're feeling better now! loving the blog so far!