Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Midsummer Night

I've been sifting through old pictures; and unfortunately "old pictures" equals "summertime pictures". Throughly depressing stuff, I can tell you.

This is a memory lane trip; last July, we threw a midsummer night's style bash in my backyard to celebrate Vera (Laura's sister) & my birthdays. Our largest tree endured nails, twinkle lights, and curtains for the sake of the beauteous decor. My cousin played his guitar and lullabied us all night; we ate delicious food until the mosquitoes decided we were delicious, upon which we promptly went indoors. Among the happy festivities was an impromptu Bar Mitzvahs style circle dance around the birthday cake. In short, best birthday ever.

...Handmade swing...

We laid blankets over the ground and set pillows against the tree.

My main lesson from this post:

Children, reuse, reuse, reuse. We bought nothing for this party except wire for head wreaths. All decor was either begged, borrowed or stolen- a variety of vintage items we had, including clocks, mirrors, and curtains. Don't let the lack of monetary funds prevent you from throwing a gorgeous party. Be creative, and play with what you have on hand.


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Denno said...

this night was absolutely incredible, even after everyone else left

;) hahaha