Monday, March 29, 2010

Here comes the sun!

Oh dear. I vowed that I wouldn't update this week, but here I go. I know it's a silly thing to promise - shouldn't I be promising that I will update? - but everything is so hectic this week and I'm trying not to succumb to the distraction of blogging. Obviously, I've failed. I got a little something in the mail today that I just couldn't resist showing off!

I do promise that I will post pictures soon of clothes with actual people in them, not clothes that are just on a hanger. Ha.

As you can see, I was so giddy that I didn't even bother to take the time to take decent pictures. It's dark out and my tripod is broken, so I had to resort to crappy pictures with a point-and-shoot with the flash on...but I think this particular item speaks for itself:

I won this on Ebay last weekend and I couldn't be happier! Somebody pinch me...with my obsession with yellow and the 20's, it's seriously a dream come true. So gorgeous that I'm resorting to cliches. The only thing wrong with it at all is a few places where beads are missing but it's not very noticeable.

And now onto something a little more relevant - I've been stocking up for the grand opening of our Etsy store, so here's a little preview of coming attractions:

Vintage swimsuits!

I hope you all are having a lovely week - it's supposed to get up to 80 degrees this weekend and I can't wait! School and everything else are stressing me out quite a bit, but all I have to do is think of my sunny dress and the sunny weather and everything's all right. The Beatles really do know everything, don't they?

- Laura


kate maggie said...

I love your blog - I love these new peices too! Super cute!

M. said...

that yellow dress is gorgeous!

lovelove, M.