Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring is springing.

Dress: Gift from Laura; Belt: Thrift store; Shoes: Target

I was very displeased to be working so much this week; I have barely been able to revel in the unusually gorgeous weather. It's been a miraculous few days of sunshine and warmth, and I've missed all of it.

The one chance I had was today, on my lunch break. I was sitting on the bench outside my work, soaking up the sunlight, when a creepy man came outside and lit his cigarette. He grinned at me in a sketchy way, and I pretended to be very interested in my lunch. He then proceeded to try and engage me in conversation about how he "never thought a bridal store would be named after me" and "I'll never marry anybody." If I were a bit more audacious, I would have mentioned the good a wife would do him- especially in lowering his level of creeperyness.

Anywhoodle, dear children, I hope you are enjoying the weather- wherever you may be.


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